Elements, directed and produced by Maxim Zhestkov, is the artist's first film that features recognizable particle structures and explores the themes of connection and interaction.

The film is an abstract depiction of the idea that every system and process can be broken down into elementary blocks and described as relationships of these bits. Colliding and dividing particles in their eternal flow, Zhestkov searches for a visual language that can describe everything existing in our world — emotions, thought processes, relationships, life, planets, and the universe itself. For the artist, seemingly chaotic behaviors of systems are a matter of a particular set of rules that can, eventually, be understood.

In Elements, Zhestkov observes currents of black and white particles flowing around, attracting to one another, and forming amorphous structures. Using white-cube spaces and slow camera movements, the artist focuses on the systems themselves and examines their reaction to the external forces and their natural behavior.

While the initial conditions for the systems are set by the artist, the resulting behavior is unknown to him beforehand, and, in the film, one can see this curiosity and experimental approach towards world-building.

For more information and Hi-Res images: Press Kit
The film is available for licensing.


Prosvet Festival - Perm, Russia, 2019
After Colors - Aranya Art Center, Qinhuangdao, China, 2019
ON CANAL - Canal Street, New York, USA, 2019
SFO Museum
- San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, USA, 2018
Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018 - Athens, Greece, 2018
Plums Fest 7 - Moscow, Russia, 2017
GogolFest - Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017