Maxim Zhestkov is an artist who uses digital tools to examine the principles that form our environments, societies, and universes — physical or digital. Combining basic geometrical shapes — dots, spheres, and planes — Zhestkov builds intricate systems existing by the rules of the real world and examines how combinations of different forces and elements lead to the emergence of complex spaces and networks of connections.

With mesmerizing visuals and futuristic concepts, Zhestkov's artworks pose questions about the relationship between humanity and technologies, the future of digital simulations, and the nature of our physical world.

Though each art project is an exploration of a particular theme, the artist examines different phenomena through the lens of the unified visual language. At the core of Maxim’s artworks lies realisticity, as every project is based on a digital simulation of material objects acting upon the laws of nature, created together with high-profile technical specialists at Zhestkov.Studio. This attention to detail is what makes Maxim’s work convincing and gives it the power to involve viewers in a dialogue about bonds that shape our lives.

Converging visuals, sound, and architecture, the artist constructs total works of art that transcend the traditional importance of museums and galleries as places for the perception of art. With digital environments controlled by the artist, each artwork exists in its own universe, open for every viewer despite their location.

Festivals / Screenings:

ART021. Shanghai, China, 2020. 
Modern Art Museum. Shanghai, China, 2019
Hermitage Museum. St Petersburg, Russia, 2019
Times Square. USA, 2019
MIT. USA, 2019
Al-Tiba9. Algeria, 2019
ArtBasel Miami. USA, 2018
ArtFutura. UK, Spain, USA, Mexico, 2018
HafenKunstKino. Germany, 2018
San Francisco International Airport. USA, 2018
Ars Electronica Animation Festival. Austria, 2018
Athens Digital Arts Festival. Greece, 2018
Center MARS. Russia, 2018
VDNH / COSMOS. Russia, Permanent exhibition
CANAL+. France, 2017
Digital Decade. United Kingdom, 2017
London Sketchbook Festival. United Kingdom, 2017
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. China, 2016
Sapporo International Film Festival. Japan, 2016
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom, 2016
TEDx Tomsk conference. Russia, 2011
British higher school of art and design. Russia, 2011
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom, 2009

Articles / Publications:

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Designboom. USA, 2019
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iGNANT. Germany, 2018
Colossal. USA, 2018
SPIEGEL. Germany, 2018 
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