Maxim Zhestkov is an artist who examines the connections of physical and digital realities. Divided by a permeable membrane, these two worlds exist in a constant exchange and redefine one another. Zhestkov acts on their intersection: manifesting the continuity of exploration, he imagines new worlds and expands the understanding of the phenomena present in our universe.

Merging architecture, sculpture, color, movement, and sound, the artist combines various channels of perception to develop a distinct universal language to depict complicated concepts and ideas in a succinct yet not scaled down manner. Experience and observation as well as a diverse and digitally sophisticated toolkit give an endless supply to this artistic research. Combining basic geometrical shapes — dots, spheres, and planes — Zhestkov creates intricate and hypnotic visual stories centralized on objects in their volume, detail, and beauty of movement.

The message of his art exploration is to find ways out of implicit limits of comprehension: capturing the unexpected, Maxim aspires to open doors to the unknown and spotlight the unseen.
Selected exhibitions:
Contemporary Istanbul, 2021
Cosmoscow, 2021
ART021, 2020
MIT, 2019
Shanghai Modern Art Museum, 2019
Hermitage Museum, 2019
ArtBasel Miami, 2019
Ars Electronica Festival, 2018
Selected publications:
DesignWanted. 2020
CLOT Magazine. 2020
IoArch. Italy, 2020
Juxtapoz. USA, 2019
iGNANT. Germany, 2018
Colossal. USA, 2018
SPIEGEL. Germany, 2018
REUTERS. United Kingdom, 2018
WIRED. Italy, 2017
Hypebeast. USA, 2017
The Collective Podcast. USA, 2017
WIRED. USA, 2010
Motionographer. USA, 2010
Creative Review. United Kingdom, 2009
Dazed & Confused. United Kingdom, 2009