Featuring the last two years of explorations made by Maxim Zhestkov with the team at Zhestkov.Studio, this reel includes independent projects and commissioned work produced in collaboration with brands and institutions.

The projects are linked by a recurring theme of defining the changing role of humans in a hybrid world of the digital and physical. Defined by thousands of years of evolution, we are biological creatures immersed in illusions and abstractions made possible by the digital era. Augmented reality already surrounds us, and the borders between real and surreal are shifting every day.

Zhestkov captures the uncertainty of this mercurial world that we live in and the points of connection where this fluidity is most obvious. Picturing habitants of a post-human world, projections of other dimensions in our universe, and architecture that is adaptable, the artist traces the future that is to come and seeks ways for our present selves to co-exist with them.