Maxim Zhestkov (b.1985, Russia) is a media artist and director whose practice centres around the influence of digital media on shifting the boundaries of visual language.
He grew up in a small town on the Volga river named Ulyanovsk. From childhood, Maxim was fascinated by art, physics and computers which led him to university, where he studied architecture and fine art.
The first art films Maxim made were in monochromatic palettes and mostly concentrated on movement and physics - about 10 years of dedicated focus on the movement and choreography of elements and shapes.

In 2015, Maxim and his colleagues launched a studio/workshop - Zhestkov.Studio - to explore new horizons in the world of art and work on projects for galleries, brands, and performing live shows.

Maxim and Zhestkov.Studio collaborated on projects with such clients as Adobe, Google, Samsung, Sony, Lexus, LG, Nike, Under Armour, Jimmy Choo, BCG and many others.

In digitally-rendered contemporary gallery-like settings, digital forms and sculptures move and interact. The forms are beautifully choreographed, producing rhythmic and complex movement patterns that play with their surroundings. Maxim’s work pushes the boundaries of the traditional white cube gallery environment, and questions how art is and will be viewed and experienced with the increasing influence of digital media.

Festivals / Screenings:

ART021. Shanghai, China, 2020. 
Modern Art Museum. Shanghai, China, 2019
Hermitage Museum. St Petersburg, Russia, 2019
Times Square. USA, 2019
MIT. USA, 2019
Al-Tiba9. Algeria, 2019
ArtBasel Miami. USA, 2018
ArtFutura. UK, Spain, USA, Mexico, 2018
HafenKunstKino. Germany, 2018
San Francisco International Airport. USA, 2018
Ars Electronica Animation Festival. Austria, 2018
Athens Digital Arts Festival. Greece, 2018
Center MARS. Russia, 2018
VDNH / COSMOS. Russia,Permanent exhibition
CANAL+. France, 2017
Digital Decade. United Kingdom, 2017
GogolFest. Ukraine, 2017
London Sketchbook Festival. United Kingdom, 2017
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. China, 2016
Resonate festival. Serbia, 2016
Sapporo International Film Festival. Japan, 2016
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom, 2016
Innovative Russia – 2020. Russia, 2011
TEDx Tomsk conference. Russia, 2011
British higher school of art and design. Russia, 2011
Onedotzero festival. United Kingdom, 2009

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