FRAME announces the launch of Modules

FRAME's exciting article about Modules, and its potential to change the way we experience art, architecture and space through VR.


Wallpaper* about the release of Modules

Wallpaper* has celebrated the launch of Modules in an insightful piece that delves into Zhestkov's vision behind the project.


Talk on BBC Radio 4

Maxim talking at BBC Radio 4 program The Digital Human about the influence of online platforms' algorithmic curation on art-making processes.


Interview for Art Plugged™

A discussion of VR, blockchain, and the importance of producing tangible work as well as some past and future projects.


Interview for Wallpaper*

Talking with Wallpaper* about transformations of the current era, virtual worlds of fairytales, experimenting, and mutations.


Interview for Dezeen

Unpredictability, energy, and love for physics in an interview for Dezeen about the upcoming Waves show in London.


Points of View – sold on Christie’s

Points of View was sold at Christie's auction as part of a curated NFT sale "Cartography of the Mind".

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