BMW i4

An exploration of the primary physical forces behind the car and a research of forces that underlie our existence in the universe.

A short film, 2021

About project

The project is a bespoke commission for BMW that explores the visualisations of electricity and power.

Launched on the brand’s digital channels along with Maxim’s interview about his philosophy and art practice, the project celebrated the launch of a new electric model by the brand.


The artwork became an exploration of the primary physical forces behind the car. BMW i4 was placed into three digital interiors, and each of them had it own unique installation that depicted a certain phenomenon.

A short film begins with the car standing inside the pool, filled with magnetic particles. Impacted by the energy of a starting vehicle, particles form structures reminding of field lines and spread across powerful flashes of light and colour.

Driving into the second space, the car interacts with particles underneath a glass platform that shape static magnetic fields. Moving between the poles, elements transmit the energy and make vibrant shades of blue emerge from the quietness of black.

The third installation is a ceiling installation made of sensitive lines that attract to the car when it drives by. With each line having a unique shape, the spatial sculpture is hypnotising, breathing, and complex.

The installations unite into a total work of art that combines architecture, sculpture, motion, and physics that is living and reacting. Zhestkov makes visible things that are not usually seen, while underlying the most fundamental aspects of our life — our technology, our nature, our mind.

Experimenting and looking inside the interactions of elements and forces, the artist’s goal is to share the sense of awe and wonder and find something new within the familiar.

Maxim Zhestkov
Creative Direction:
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov
Project Team:
Phil Bonum, Ilya Dozhdikov, Artur Gadzhiev, Tatyana Balyberdina, Roman Kotov, Sergey Shurupov, Artyom Markaryan, Anna Gulyaeva



Simulation Hypothesis

First gallery solo show finding elements of universe creation in human culture and art.

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Modules is a VR art experience, where architecture, sculpture, film, and music blend together to immerse viewers into Zhestkov's world.

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Connecting particles into mighty flows, Waves is an examination of shifts of energy in complicated systems that lead to the inevitable transformation.

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Artificial Organisms

A combination of biological symmetry and impeccable digital matter, they are a representation of budding artificial intelligence.

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PlayStation 5

Two bespoke artworks created for the global launch of PlayStation 5 based on Zhestkov's projects — Layers and Computations, which became embodiments of the soul of the new console.

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BMW i4

An exploration of the primary physical forces behind the car and a research of forces that underlie our existence in the universe.

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Computations speculates a future when computation moves from the opaque ‘black boxes’ of our laptops and devices out into the world.

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Layers is an artwork dedicated to the exploration of the relationship between the inner and the outer sides of objects.

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An abstract representation of transformation and resilience, Volumes is an observation of digital sculptures consisting of millions of spherical particles.

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Exploration of the idea that every system and process can be broken down into elementary blocks.

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Maxim's diploma project, Modul is centred around a comprehensive exploration of the principles of a design language.

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