Modules is a VR art experience, where architecture, sculpture, film, and music blend together to immerse viewers into Zhestkov's world.

VR application, 2023


Modules is a project by Maxim Zhestkov, where different forms of art – architecture, sculpture, film, and music – blend together to create an intense, interactive virtual experience.

A total work of art, it is a world that questions the established definitions of our reality. In digital space, we can abandon the logic of reality and are freed from its boundaries. New worlds with total freedom are possible, worlds only limited by our creativity and the potential of art.

Modules will expand to contain Zhestkov’s entire body of work. Over the course of years, the project will grow as he grows, expanding into new territories and blurring the boundaries between art, games, and reality.

With experimentation at its core, it is Zhestkov’s playground, where he is able to refine his work with no end, challenging the limits of his own medium.

Cluster 01

The first edition of Modules was released in the spring of 2023 as Cluster 01 — a space containing 11 rooms with unique audiovisual installations. Existing as an application for VR headsets and PCs, Modules launched on Oculus Store and Steam as a free experience for everyone to join.

Based on Maxim's project Modul from 2009, Modules brings the initial idea of modularity to a new level. The virtual gallery is multi-layered in its structure — singular elements form installations, installations — clusters, and clusters will become groups.


Expanding within the structure of Modules, the artist aims to create at the intersection of art, design, and gaming. Bringing these disciplines together, Zhestkov builds a space that can be his test polygon of ideas about how human experience changes in a world that does not inherently implies having a body and a fixed viewpoint.

Another goal for Modules is to become a space of co-existence between humans and digital actors. Integrating elements of multiplayer and collaborative creation, Modules will develop as a platform for various virtual experiences that are meant to connect.

Project Website:
Maxim Zhestkov
Creative Direction:
Maxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov
Project Team:
Oleg Fenkov, Viktor Gulyaev, Vasiliy Zinchyuk, Phil Bonum, Roman Kotov, Vladimir Zhirnov, Daniil Korolev, Ilya Dozhdikov, Artyom Markaryan, Anastasia Suryaninova, Angelina Krutaya, Anna Gulyaeva.



Simulation Hypothesis

First gallery solo show finding elements of universe creation in human culture and art.

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Modules is a VR art experience, where architecture, sculpture, film, and music blend together to immerse viewers into Zhestkov's world.

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Connecting particles into mighty flows, Waves is an examination of shifts of energy in complicated systems that lead to the inevitable transformation.

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Artificial Organisms

A combination of biological symmetry and impeccable digital matter, they are a representation of budding artificial intelligence.

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PlayStation 5

Two bespoke artworks created for the global launch of PlayStation 5 based on Zhestkov's projects — Layers and Computations, which became embodiments of the soul of the new console.

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BMW i4

An exploration of the primary physical forces behind the car and a research of forces that underlie our existence in the universe.

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Computations speculates a future when computation moves from the opaque ‘black boxes’ of our laptops and devices out into the world.

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Layers is an artwork dedicated to the exploration of the relationship between the inner and the outer sides of objects.

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An abstract representation of transformation and resilience, Volumes is an observation of digital sculptures consisting of millions of spherical particles.

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Exploration of the idea that every system and process can be broken down into elementary blocks.

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Maxim's diploma project, Modul is centred around a comprehensive exploration of the principles of a design language.

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