Modul is a contemplation on the nature of change happening on the intersection of elements. Operating simplest geometrical forms, Zhestkov depicts interchange of matter and energy that becomes an impulse for the creation of something entirely new emerging from the old structure. Through this deliberate simplicity, the artist builds a self-contained visual language that is universal and intuitive.

Maxim's diploma project, Modul is centered around a comprehensive exploration of principles of a design language. Starting with a goal to build a brand identity, Zhestkov chose a non-existent TV channel Modul as an object of his study and took a deep dive into the examination of how every detail of channel’s visual system would affect the viewer’s perception. The result of Maxim’s work included not only the graphic elements but also animations that were, eventually, combined in the film that Maxim released on his website in 2009.


Marcelo Baldin / Combustion.Studio

The channel that Maxim imagined was a symbiosis of cutting-edge approaches and ideas in science, culture, music, and art. Reflecting on the interaction of different realms of knowledge, Modul’s identity depicts a collision of impulses that brings about something entirely new and releases tons of creative energy.

Another aspect of the design language devised by Zhestkov is its modular structure.

Simple geometrical forms — triangles, rectangles, and spheres generated according to a certain set of rules — combined in more complex shapes refer to fractal structures observed in nature and enable almost endless experimentation inside the frames of a recognizable visual system.

To keep focus on the content of the channel, the identity is minimalist and monochrome. Sound, animation, and graphic design are united in a system that is universal and timeless.